Anonymous inquired I'm not saying that eastern Canada is the good part, because yeah like you said all the provences have done terrible things, but I am saying that that was in the past and that most provences have improved by at least a bit so it's not really appropriate to say that all of Canada is awful, it WAS awful.


the last residential school closed in 1996.

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Dusty Springfield - I Just Don’t Know What to Do with Myself

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u know what inaabah is attractive enough to compensate for any gremlin dude she goes after. ur children will be saved.

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Only the trio that’s “Cool Like ‘Dat” drops references to jazz drummer Max Roach and the French philosopher Sartre in the same flowing rhyme that they give props to “the crews on Sugarhill.” It’s the rebirth of slick: where retro-jazz and deep thought meet classic hip-hop. Like this scene that went down one day way back in the future:

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Should I walk for forty minutes to get all the dried fruits I been craving?



a fun way to start the day is by getting a call from a robot pretending to be a human

just watch it

holy jesus christ

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kk have u ever seen any tv show with poc children moaning about their parents cooking. like what the hell is a casserole and if its so bad why they keep making it so that next generational yts keep using this tired storyline in their shows. 

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I went to a louis ck concert alone bc no one I knew was into it lol but tbh at concerts I’m too busy having fun to notice my friends anyway

right im just gonna use the money i would of used for the second ticket for a taxi. im getting a ride back halfway anyways. 

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the show is in Toronto? gurl you should go though!!! I didn’t even know she was performing here…hmm…you got me thinkign now.

think about it!

shoutout to my ppl with bigger bottom lips

I can’t wait till have real money like even my first career job where im not making big mone but something cuz im not enjoy this western mentality of only paying for ur own. like i want to take family and friends out, pay for experience that kind of stuff. most of my friends r like that too but they’re also not yt so…

i love going to concerts alone tbh

really? like i think i might enjoy that too idk nothing i hate more then someone killing my vibe cuz they’re not in it. still remember the cirque de soleil experience of 2009. it’ll force me to get out of my comfort zone

Im gonna use my eid money on getting two tickets and go from there.