because i value family, friendship and community I know im gonna have love around me wherever i go so im not afraid of being alone. I would like to have children but I would also settle for being able to have my own home with white furniture. i could also adopt without being married but two ppl is easier then one. Idk ive never been in love so its easy to talk this way but ever since I saw this short little dude tell one of my classmates he’s dumping her and she feel to pieces ive been like nahhhhh.

he wore the same pants everyday cuz it had obnoxiously loud numbers in white going down the side. the nine was extra big too. ever see a couple and one of them is just no like to the point where u want to intervene and shake the person with them. thats what this guy was and looked like. 



is rice not the best link between all poc?

the most wonderful common denominator?


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i mean ofc we want it to be healthy but also i hate it when i feel like hair is a chore!!!

right!! and thats why i cut it in the first place. i have lots of hair and as long as i dye and let it grow out in good cuz ive dyed it about three times so far. and i think it would be the same way if i got a perm just once. ive struggled with making that decision cuz i was afraid of looking too masculine. actual my interest in makeup increased when i started thinking about cutting it off. and its not purely shallow as a black women they way u get treated is gonna change. ive seen the difference 

ahhhh see, I always feel like i’m learning both but i was always taught how to look after straightened hair. wrappin etc. So I’m playing around + relearning basics!

see im the opposite. I got the basics down I know my hair in that regard ive just always been lazy but because i only straigthen like once a yr it can handle the abuse and still stay healthy. I want to play around with it more now cuz ur only young once and i need to get out of my comfort zone. already cut it short but i want to dye it a bright color. im just a very lowkey person and i dont know if i could handle the extra eyes. 

when i get the courage im gonna do a very very short hair cut and get a magic perm then when that grows out ill shave my head. 

omg wrapping is the truth but i’m always so lazy when i do ti!

like im being blown away on a constant bases when it comes to black hair techniques. like black americans truly are not appreciated when it comes to this front. like i saw that box bread wig u can buy and how now u can get a weave sewn in that u can PART! mixing what i know with the old. grew up on olive/coconut oil, hair masks and deep conditions but im really learning how to style and have fun with my hair now. 

ive discovered the wonder of wrapping my hair like this is a step in my personal growth. 

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like the dount. they came out for a summer when i was like 10 or 12 when the ice capp was still new. 

why does timmies keep bring out these new products. im still waiting for the double chocolate timbits to come back. 

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hey, my webcam is broken, but look a collection of selfies since observant-person and pyrrhicc tagged me

yo, show me some selfies duhdoydorothy, ghostcafe, atributos, cesaire, michonnes notalexus and whether-which

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graphic by Jeon Younghan

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No hits, no singles; just raw, graceful tunes from the inventive Shabazz Palaces.

Stream Lese Majesty from NPR Music’s First Listen

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when is unimpressed2chainz gonna post these pics. ive been waiting for some since u put up ur drunk pic. 

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it seems everyone has already done it, so if you haven’t i tag you! 

like when r we gonna meet up??? so u can touch me and i get some of ur old man aesthetics.