if you’ve recently heard sam smith’s version of “fast car,” which is going around a lot of blogs today (including outofficial)—please, please, please, promise me you will go listen to the original version. it’s not a heartfelt jazz cover about reckless love penned by a white british gay guy. it’s one small but important part of a fucking masterpiece of an album about being a dead broke, young black lesbian struggling to survive in a fucked up, racist country, and yet still daring to believe in love, and revolution, and a better life. 

I have absolutely no quibble with discovering great older work through new covers, or even finding room to love both (or many) versions passionately. (I actually really like sam smith’s album, for whatever that’s worth.) 

but in this case the history of the album is really, really important. it was this startlingly specific piece of art that still resonated enough with enough people in 1988 that it sold millions of copies and was nominated for an album of the year grammy. (which she didn’t win, though she she did take home three, including best new artist and best female pop vocal performance for “fast car”—which also went to #3 on the billboard hot 100, which is sort of impossible to believe but true.)

this album was one of those “i didn’t know we could do that” moments in my young life, and if you’ve never heard it before, i hope you’ll take the time to listen now. it holds up well. too well. 

I finish work and like don’t get me started on Tracy, like I have her whole discography

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Lol ppl r freaking out about the online summaries we have to make cuz the prof just put the forum up now. Maybe I’m not as invisible as I thought cuz I keep getting the vibe ppl want to talk to me in my classes but I’m trying to be low key this semester.

dancinginyourhead replied to your post “like who am i kidding, im allergic to my sweat i couldn’t live in a…”

i was gonna say #cometobrazil !! :(

lol u should #cometotoronto but just to visit cuz leaving that weather and fruits isnt worth it. 

like who am i kidding, im allergic to my sweat i couldn’t live in a tropic climate even if the mangos danced for me. do u know what my skin goes through once the 6 months of winter r gone????

anyways ill probably live in toront0 like for family and stuff but id like to experience other cities before i commit to the whitewashed so/mali canadi0n first gen trying to raise her children as so/mali but doesn’t know how shit. 

the nether/lands, scandavi/an countries seem to be a great place to be if ur rich and black and famous. like they’ll overlook it in a way they won’t in north amerika but ya



any recommendations of twitter accounts to follow for coverage of what’s happening in hong kong? i’m english-only unfortunately

alan wong has been tweeting since the 26th of September as has larry au who also provided a free online book regarding the history of protests in post-colonial modern hong kong as an additional resource for anyone who needs background info 

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omg do u know i thought about get a gold trench coast cuz of this album cover

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#ferguson can’t keep a resilient people down. we made it 400 in America and counting.

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When you announce your Timothy Horton’s run and everyone is being indecisive as hell


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Fun fact: I dance in my room. like a lot. 



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shmurtida of course not like Im always here for any type of vulnerability like I loved seeing ur post. like when u write i get so happy. 

i feel u sis. it took me a while to think of being beautiful in any sense as something that didnt wholly define me and that didnt hve as much influence as i gave it on the grander scale/plan of my life. like accepting what i couldnt change and

ya but i feel like it kind of in the reverse for me. since I felt so outside of that I dressed in flannel sweat suits (yes i did that) I was having troubles with trying to dress my body so ive always valued my intelligence and personality over that but started to pay more attention to that when i entered uni. Ive just learned to not be bothered by the lack of male attention.