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Creativity is a turbulent array of inertia grounded between things existential and internal. All things creative in my life derive from my ancestors. Through creativity I’m the vehicle of an aesthetic residue harnessing the reverbs and echoes of those that came before me. Without my ancestors there is no echo, no life force, no creation, no creativity. I am an astronaut suspended in their universal mythos..

Creativity Decoded by cinematographer Bradford Young

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i dont get the hail hydra meme and it seems like its not funny at all. like its the nazis in the marvel comics right?

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ya pharelle is a mess but oprah been on this new black for a while. like she’s always talking about destiny and the power of thought like as if their isn’t active forces keeping ppl out of economic safety. 





The beauty of the Sahara and Morocco. The 29th Sultan Marathon des Sables 2014.

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I can’t stop laughing. That gesture is the equivalent of a middle-finger. Why do foreigners in Morocco have this habit of taking unsolicited pictures of the locals (especially women). Can’t you even ask people if they want a picture of them to be taken? no you have to invade people’s spaces as if you were entitled to it. 

Hahahah fucking tourists YEEES

Someone should show this to that person who did the “Fucking Tourist” Photo project 

yooooo i can’t fucking stand western tourists who visit morocco

they take so many pictures of us

fuck off

the person in this picture, however, is wonderful and i love them

When did you start turning people into slaves when their mothers gave birth to them as free human beings?

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wut da dog doin

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I wish there was more film on teens, young adults and the grown ones falling out or in with their religion. Like half of my angst, anger and late night were about this. Im just so bored with love narratives, like most of our interactions are with ppl whom we’re not even interested in being with.

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i think scandal is that show where u take any of that boiled up frustration and unleash it onto ur screens. i think i want to watch cuz it seems like i would sleep like a baby after it. also the communal aspect of it seems fun. 






Occupy in Brazil:

Hey Brazilian Police, what did you expect would happen if you lob a tear gas grenade in a country that has some of the best soccer players in the world and where the Confed Cup is currently playing?


Bend it like a Brazilian rioter. 

I’d piss myself if somebody lobbed my teargas back at me with their foot. Holy crap.

fuck yeeeeeh





Lmfao da realist

i love her so much lmaooooooooo

yes tell them!!!!

get her the best producers in the game plz thanks

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NEW ROMANTIC - laura marling

i know i said i loved you, but i’m thinking i was wrong. i’m the first to admit that i’m still pretty young… and i never meant to hurt you when i wrote you ten love songs.

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a five year old little girl was saved from the ferry early today. she said that it was her six year old older brother who had secured her life vest for her. he has yet to be rescued and is still on that boat. no news from the siblings’ parents as well.

Gyuhyuk-ah, 멋있다. 자기도 많이 무서웠을텐데 그 와중에 동생을 챙긴 멋진 오빠… 무사하길. 제발. 다들 기다리고 있다. waiting for a miracle.

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