live, be, innately beautiful in oneself like that’s the power. happy and living in one’s body and loving it for all its strengths <3

ya thats the goal :)

ive accepted im not gonna evolve into the supermodel iman when im 25, im not the protype when ppl talk (fetishize) som/ali girls and I might be at this size for the rest of my life but im gonna go to concerts and be happy and just live. 

they will be understanding of you regardless of circumstance if they are good friends. ❤️

this will be the year of vulnerability but im ready.


I met observant-person today! :))


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I have fallen out of contact with all if not most of my friends but I dont feel like im strong enough to be vulnerable. things cant just pick up without explaining why I went m.i.a. I honestly thought most ppl would of graduated last year (most have) so u could imagine my shock when I saw ppl I knew. like all I needed to do is make one post on face/book but I havent been on there since 2013. 

" When people say ‘This is my baby,’ they don’t always mean a baby. Sometimes they mean a dog. "
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i don’t want to give to much away, but there’s a scene in girlhood where this black woman is being hit on by a white guy and she just shuts him down so quickly and effectively and i really loved like idjk where this weird idea that black women should be grateful for gross white dude attention (i mean any male attention) came from, but this woman was not having it at all 


Is this real life 

the drama

essenangstessen #teamsurivingneardeathexperiencebutmyhairstillgood

observant-person Haha, omg Safia! I’m…

i remember her going through a lot of pain but all I can remember is her twirling around in that dress. just twirling and skipping with fabric all around her. 

eleanor collins is canadian. u learn new things everyday.